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Badge holders are typically used to create more safety and security by employers, event organizers, at festivals, trade shows and so on. They establish a formal fabric or a sense of security and professional conduct for a community who is together working for a common goal. At Everything Promo, we take bulk Badge Holder orders to support businesses in the US in branding, promotions and marketing. We can offer these badge holders in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and designs. 


Badge Holders are a must have for any professional organization in today’s day and age as it not only establishes a formal look but also helps an employer/organizer to identify and distinguish the presence of their cohort. From using it for general people to customizing it for different groups to making a VIP feel like VIP, the options to create them tailored to your needs are endless. They can help you keep track of all your employees and staff as you grow your business and hire more talent. When your customers are out in the market conducting meetings with stakeholders, it’s the badge holder that builds the first layer of professionalism, trust and security. 


You need bulk badge holders for your staff and employees, if you are running a school, hospital, office (private and government) or organizing public events. They’re not an option but a necessity, and in a way also lets you build your brand identity and visibility. Each and everyone wearing your company badge is a walking ad they carry wherever they go. A subtle little ‘Hello!’ to the world out there. SO why miss a chance to make them stand out? So buy customized badge holders online or speak with us to make them as per your needs. 


What are the types of badge holders for the U.S. Companies?


Nylon, PVC or Polyester Badge Holders - Attractive nylon, PVC or polyester badge holders and lanyards for ID cards that can be made into different sizes, colors, widths that can be easily clipped on a garment. Perfect to keep the unwanted visitors in check. You can have your business logo, name and tagline printed on it. 


Eco-friendly Badge Holders - Here’s no Earth B. So let’s commit less crimes when we can. Get eco-friendly badge-holders suited to your style, size and design with or without a business name, logo and a tagline. 


Promotional/Branded Badge Holders - Make them a strict promotional tool. Print that perfect message with your business name and logo that you want the world to take notice of. You can experiment with a range of materials, sizes, colors and different types of attachments. 


Promotional Accessories - Why hold on to just holders when you can experiment with a palette of accessories to entice your visitors, employees or customers? Call us today.


Badge holders can be made available in square, rectangle and even retractable and magnetic ones. You can choose to have them in alligator clips or straps or both according to your use case. 


A perfect Badge holder will be the one that blends all elements together like design, style color and attachment alongside your promotional needs. They can also be used like giveaways that will act as gentle reminders about your brand and business for anyone and everyone wearing it. We can help you personalize it to the core. Choose Everything Promo and leave the rest. 




When ordering badge holders for your company, there are a number of things to keep in mind depending on which industry you operate in and what conditions your employees, staff or laborers work on an everyday basis. 


How Safe are Badge Holders?  - Carefully choose the structure depending on whether you operate in industrial workplaces, building access, etc. Badge Reel, Badge Hanger, Badge Clips etc. are the options to explore. 

Can I brand my badge holders? - Many organizations choose to customize their badge holders with cute badge reels and lanyard holders. Both offer enough security and protection of your credentials. 

What options are available? - You can choose from name tag holders, lanyard holders, retractable badge holders, magnetic badge holders, plastic badge holders, nursing/police/coach badge holders, Arm Badge Holders and so on depending on your need. 

What Badge holder types are available at Everything Promo? You can customize a badge holder as per your needs. We have Convention Badge Holder, NonWoven Econo 5 Function Tradeshow Badgeholder & NeckWallet, NonWoven Econo 5 Function Tradeshow Badgeholder & NeckWallet, 420D Polyester 5 Function Tradeshow Badgeholder & NeckWallet, Closer 5 Function Tradeshow Badgeholder & NeckWallet and more.


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Badge holders promote a safe and professional environment at work.a workplace can benefit immensely when they follow the right security and identification of their staff and employees. We aim to support and partner with organizations of all sizes so as to help them build the right layers of identification as they grow into different markets.


Trust Everything Promo for all your needs when it comes to promotional accessories for your business at pocket friendly rates. 


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We are one of the most trusted companies for our quality and timely delivery. Speak today with our experienced design team that offers unlimited free visuals on all promotional products, to help get the right design for your brand. For more information call us on 0116 3668002.