To think about it, this is one of the most functional categories of corporate gifts, because utility almost always supersedes other factors such as style, status, or feel. This is why, at EverythingPromo, we have worked hard to bring you the most diverse selection of utility bags for corporate gifting. We have everything from passport cases to travel pouches, organisers to shopping bags, duffle bags to overnighters. What makes our utility bag collection even more impressive is that they start at $5.

Of course, if you want to reward your employees for exceptional performance or thank your business associates for their contributions, we have a premium range of custom-branded utility bags.  These bags are budget-friendly and high-quality that can be gifted or rewarded to each and everyone on any occasion. 

Don't even get us started on the cherished memories the recipient will come to associate with their precious logo-branded branded utility bags. That is what we refer to as a win-win situation!

Personalised Messenger Bags

Customised messenger bags make excellent promotional gifts for any commuter! 

Personally tailored messenger bags make it easy for commuters to transport everything they need for a day at the office or school! One of the advantages of these useful personalised messenger bags is the comfortable strap. Choose from dozens of attractive messenger bag options available at EverythingPromo, including beautiful embroidery or screen printing of your logo. Bags with pockets and pouches for pens, phones, laptops, and documents are available.   The colour palette is extensive, and you'll find one that complements your logo or event. As always, we are happy to assist you with any logo design artwork. Furthermore, we have over 100 designs of printed messenger bags that can be produced within a day.

Personalised Laptop, Tablet Bags & Sleeves

Custom laptop bags protect valuable electronics while also advertising your brand! Printed tablet bags accomplish the same thing in a more compact package!

Custom laptop/computer bags provide padded storage for your employees' and customers' valuable electronics, as well as attractive styling and handsome logo embroidery. We have over a dozen printed tablet bag models that will protect iPods and other types of tablets. These thoughtful computer backpacks and bags are ideal promotional gifts for executives, students, teachers, and anyone else who travels with a laptop or tablet! When looking for an upscale business gift for a milestone award or a difficult-to-please client or customer, consider a name-brand computer bag that will look even better with your co-branded logo! Many are built with checkpoint-friendly features to help speed up airport security checks. Your recipients will appreciate such a useful promotional item and will remember you often as they continue to use these protective computer bags!

Custom Document Bags

Personalised document holders are an inexpensive way to keep your office documents organised and safe! Printed plastic file holders give your office a polished and professional appearance, as well as help to instil pride in your coworkers. Papers are also kept dry and safe in plastic file envelopes. We also sell zippered bank bags and other office essentials. Choose from over 20 different colour options for your personalised file folder holders. We also have clipboard folders and expandable carry cases.

Custom Travel Bag

Our personalised travel bags are available in all of our most popular designs. From beachy seersucker fabrics, bold stripes, and cosy quilted travel cases to our see-through clear ditty bags and genuine leather bags, there's a bag for everyone. Our custom travel bags have been thoughtfully designed with zippered closures, interior pockets, and other fantastic features that you'll adore. Create your ideal piece using a wide variety of colours, monogram styles, and fun designs ranging from classic to fantastical. Our preview tool enables you to play, design, and then see your design before purchasing.

Promotional Wallets and Purses

Custom wallets are a fun and inexpensive way to promote and distribute your brand. Our wallets and coin purses are used as a marketing tool by both large and small businesses because of their unique functions and designs. So, whether you're planning a family reunion, a fundraiser, or a company event, promotional wallets make excellent gifts to help build brand loyalty and recognition.

Promotional Luggage Tags

Everything Promo has all of the best custom luggage tags to meet your promotional needs. We provide personalised leather luggage tags, animal-friendly faux leather luggage tags, low minimum custom engraved metal luggage tags, custom business logo imprinted laminated luggage tags, secure personalised ID badge holders, rustic promotional wooden luggage tags, useful customised company logo write-on luggage tags, and many other pieces. You can find more information about our promotional luggage tags in the section at the bottom of this page.