Custom Stationery Items

Custom Printed Sharpeners | Personalized Sharpeners 

Before you begin writing, make sure your pencils are sharp. Without it, your handwriting may become sloppy and difficult to read. Apart from that, it just makes writing less enjoyable. Order bulk pencil sharpeners imprinted with your logo from us today to keep your pencils in excellent shape. 


Choose from our low-cost Customized Pencil Sharpeners imprinted with your logo for your next event at EverythingPromo. You've come looking for excellence. We take it seriously because it is not always easy.


Customized Printed Rulers | Personalized Rulers & Yardsticks 

Make the most of every inch of these inexpensive and useful giveaways by printing 6 inch rulers to 12 inch rulers, and even up to a full yardstick size. Straight-edge rulers are useful for a variety of tasks, including design, math homework, spreadsheet decoding, and home improvement projects. Imprinted magnifying rulers, desk accessory sets, and bookmark rulers have bonus functions to extend the reach of your logo even further!


Custom rulers are low-cost logo items that anyone can use. Rulers are a lightweight promotional product that you can easily carry with you or mail to your clients in standard size. You can also give logo rulers to teachers to use in the classroom to demonstrate concepts. They are both functional and decorative desk accessories.


We have a wide variety of vibrant custom-inch rulers and yardsticks to match your brand!


Custom Printed Erasers in Bulk

Shop our promotional erasers if you're looking for a low-cost but effective option. Our printed erasers are a great way to share a clear visual message at a low cost, making them an excellent promotional item. They are ideal for school-age children, college students, and even artists and office workers, allowing you to reach a diverse audience. There are so many different shapes and sizes to pick from. We even have promotional erasers that double as sharpeners and eraser bracelets! Send us your orders now and give us an opportunity to serve you. 


Customized Printed Letter Openers

With the handy cutting blade of a zippy letter opener, you can cut through daily bills, business letters, and personal correspondence in no time! The sharp parts are protected, so you don't have to worry about slipping while doing your job. Personalized letter openers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some even have a slot for inserting business cards to keep your services and contact information close at hand!

Pencil Cases & Stationery Sets

Plastic pencil boxes can hold a small or large number of items. The pencil case set has unique design elements that make it useful in a variety of office and school settings. Three-ring pencil pouches have ring features that allow you to attach them to a bag, bicycle, or any other surface as needed. Various highly sophisticated binder pencil pouches have features that can put today's technology to the test. Depending on the design we have accurately priced these personalized pencil cases.


Custom Bookmarks

Nobody loves a good bookmark more than customers who are voracious readers. Even though they have an insatiable literary appetite and can read in bed until their arms hurt, they need to take a break from time to time. It's critical to pick up where they left off in these situations and to do so with style.

You can easily create your own personalized bookmarks with our print-on-demand service, which is sure to become your next best-seller. Here are a few Branded Bookmark suggestions to get you started.