Custom Promotional USB

Custom imprinted or laser engraved metal USB drives for your business needs


Now is your turn to distribute personalized USB flash drives at tradeshows and events! Personalized flash drives with your logo are also ideal for distributing marketing materials, brochures, photos, and other data.


Custom USB drives with your company name or logo will bring your promotions into the digital age. These branded flash drives are an excellent way to distribute cyber-copies of product catalogs, company reports, school pamphlets, and other materials so that recipients do not have to carry bulky papers around with them. You could also sell a custom flash drive at the checkout counter or include it in a trade show goodie bag to keep your brand in front of people's minds. EverythingPromo has an amazing collection of high-quality, versatile storage drives that will last for years such as personalized Round and Small Disk Shaped USB, Branded Wristband USB Flash Drive, Customized Paper Clip Style USB 2.0 Flash Drive and Custom-printed Oval USB Flash Drive 


Flash Drives can be personalized at EverythingPromo

We'll work with you to ensure that every aspect of an initiative is on point. The standard custom USB drive is now modernized with a keyring hole and a removable cap or flip cover. Further,  retractable flash drives, USB pens, thumb drives with lanyards, bottle opener USB drives, and other unusual designs are also available to amuse you all. Purchase USB 3.0 drives for fast data transfer and USB-C drives for specialized connections.


Customizable PVC USB Flash Drive 

Our go-to portable memory companion has been the custom PVC USB. Storage capacity used to be limited to a few gigabytes (GB), but today we can fit a terabyte or two (TB) in our pocket with ease. The size of memory, portability, and speed of writing make custom PVC USB an indispensable tool in our data universe. Some hobbyists load software or even operating system files onto thumb drives so they can launch their home environment on any computer.


A custom printed USB flash drive is a useful tech gift that everyone will appreciate! Load your seminars, catalogs, and presentations onto promotional flash drives to get your company name and products into their hands at a low cost! Choose the colors and styles of USB thumb drives you want, then select the memory size (2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or larger) that best meets your needs. Custom imprinted flash drives are ideal for schools, educators, computer retailers, and any business that uses printed materials.


Custom Wooden Shaped USB

Our collection of custom wooden USB flash drives has been described as natural, stylish, elegant, and one-of-a-kind. These drives all have a natural, durable, real wood encasement, which gives each USB a unique grain pattern. Besides that, all of our wooden flash drives have large print areas that are suitable for laser engraving or detailed full-color printing of your logo. This wholesale flash drive pairs well with our custom wooden packaging options, which are available in a variety of wood types to help you solidify your branding and leave a lasting impression on the recipient.


Multipurpose USBs, USB Pens, and Branded USB Bracelets

By giving everyone the personalized silicone USB bracelets, you can motivate all the tech-savvy staff members, managers, and investors is another step towards brand awareness. These custom USB bracelets can be customized with your company's name, logo, and preferred color. As a useful promotional item, the printed USB drive facilitates brand recognition yet again.


The collection of personalized USB flash drives including branded logo includes branded Natural cork stopper shaped USB flash drive, Personalized USB Car Charger, Customized Executive Faux Leather Cased USB Drive and Promotional USB Lights are produced using top-notch technology, ensuring a quality product.


What better way to wrap up a marketing campaign than with a goody bag? Order one of our many custom flash drives to include in your high-end business goody bags and help your brand succeed.