Eco Products

One of the most popular types of promotional goods is eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products. With climate change and the fight against single-use plastic making headlines, everyone wants to be more eco-friendly. We provide an ever-changing collection of eco-friendly things that are recyclable, sustainable, and good for the environment. Here is a collection of some of the most popular eco-friendly promotional products that we are currently branding.



Bamboo is rapidly becoming the material of choice in an increasingly eco-conscious world, with an expanding number of products made from this sustainable resource. Here are a few items that one can explore in this category- Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Cutting Board, THEO BAMBOO STYLUS BALLPOINT PEN, PIERRE BAMBOO STYLUS BALLPOINT PEN, Curved Stainless Steel Corkscrew with Bamboo Inset



They will increase your quality of life while also benefiting the environment!


Promotional Bamboo Pen Drives come in a full natural wooden or bamboo case that is simple and attractive. Your clients will appreciate a green present or product. Bamboo USB Flash Drives are eco-friendly items made of bamboo or wood. These personalized pen drives come in a range of sizes: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. It can be customized with your company's logo.


A high-quality bamboo keychain is an ideal gift for your significant half, family, and friends. Suitable for safeguarding daily usage things such as room keys, door keys, car keys, and more. They can be hung on bags, backpacks, pencil boxes, and mobile phones.


Customized Bamboo wireless chargers are among the high-selling promotional items. Connect the device to your computer, then place your smartphone on it to charge.


Promotional Bamboo laptop stands are an amazing addition for working comfortably away from the workplace. By lifting the laptop, air can circulate more freely and the screen is at eye level. The laptop stand is suitable for tablets and computers up to 15.6 inches in size. Inside a cotton pouch, it is foldable and portable.


Custom-printed reusable Straws Have an Impact on the Environment

Personalized straws are one of the fastest-growing areas of promotional products, and they are simple to customize. Reusable straws with printed logos, are quite popular as part of the country-wide push to produce less trash. Creating your own customized straws demonstrates your concern for environmental efforts, as well as associating your company with this important global concern.


Personalized Promotional Drinkware

Have a look at our collection of environmentally friendly branded mugs, glasses, and bottles


Give your clients promotional eco drinkware the next time you pour them a drink that is good for the environment and much better for your business. Our branded eco drinkware may be customized with your company's logo and is excellent for marketing giveaways. When consumers use your printed eco drinkware at a morning meeting, the gym, or at home, they will recall how careful and responsible your company is.


We provide a wonderful selection of items in numerous colors and patterns to suit your business, including biodegradable eco-printed mugs, recycled bottles, eco coffee cups, and natural water bottles made from bamboo and sugarcane.


Personalized Promotional Notepads/ notebooks

Our Green line of environmentally friendly branded promotional notebooks and pads are a low-cost workplace giveaway because they are manufactured from recycled paper. These products include our infamous Wiropads with rigid recycled board covers and perfect bound notebooks created from recycled till receipts. We also provide recycled coffee cup notebooks, recycled paper block pads, and the most popular Sticky notebooks.


Customized Promotional Pens and Pencils

Recycled promotional pens are an environmentally responsible giveaway that delivers a strong message to your customers. You can select a pen manufactured from a material that is relevant to your sectors, such as old vehicle tires for tradesmen or recycled denim for the fashion industry. There are also some more traditional materials, such as 'up-cycled' water bottles and, of course, sustainable wood.


Our recycled promotional pencils are referred to as 'upcycling'. They are created from a variety of materials, including discarded CD cases, denim trousers, and recycled money. They are terrific eco-friendly, low-cost promotion giveaways that practically keeps your brand in the hands of your clients!


Custom plant handouts are ideal for any business or organization

If you're searching for an environmentally friendly branded gift with a twist, promotional plants, pots, and seeds are the way to go. These unusual items will get you noticed and will always be met with a smile. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated, whether you are pushing green programs or caring about relationships. Plant promotional products are both low-cost and high-value promotional things. 


Eco-friendly Paper

There is just one planet. Help save the world by doing your part. The Eco-Friendly Fun Sticker Book teaches children how to be environmentally conscious. This environmental education book is packed with lessons on how to conserve, reduce, reuse, and recycle while also benefiting the environment.