Protective Wear & Sanitizer

Your customers will understand that you care about their well-being if you provide them with a promotional item like brand hand sanitizer that encourages health and safety. By encouraging this empathetic environment, your company will benefit from things like increased brand loyalty.


Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Customers like to work with companies that have their best interests in mind. They even do repeat business with your company and recommend you to their friends, relatives, and coworkers if they see that seriousness in you. Custom hand sanitizer is useful for a variety of organizations and great for giveaway events, making EverythingPromo goods highly effective. Try our customized hand sanitizer bottles right now if you are a company or an individual who frequently interacts with medical field personnel. Now place a bulk order for the promotional hand sanitizer.


Bandanas and Gaiters

When you give someone a custom-printed bandana with your logo on it, not only the recipient but a hundred more people will notice who you are and what you do throughout the course of the item. Because people know you from the fantastic personalized headband you handed out, they will approach you when they are looking for your services.


Travel anywhere with the Multi-Functional Cooling Custom Neck Gaiter. It is a polyester bandana that has a mesh-like construction. This reusable gaiter dries and absorbs moisture quickly. Add your own logo or company brand to it right away! It is available in a wide range of colorful colors.


Face Masks 

Personalized face masks make excellent promotional healthcare products because they are useful and convey a good message. With these cotton masks customized with your brand, you can show others that you care about their health. These are a terrific way to give your staff or customers something practical if you work in the medical field or any other type of business that could need a mask. Every time they use it, they'll be reminded of you, and they'll be grateful that you care about them. Customize these promotional face masks to create a giveaway that will stand out from the crowd. You can choose the disposable mask that's best for you in addition to a variety of reusable mask styles and color options.


Personal Protective Kits 

No matter what industry you work in, EverythingPromo has a wide selection of gifts and promotional items for the healthcare sector that can help you expertly advertise your message or business. Numerous medical trade exhibitions and expos display the most recent developments in technology and medicine. Have fun and bring some custom-branded, personalized kits for promotions for the guests the next time you exhibit or visit.


Anything you might need is available from us:  PPE Value Kit, Budget Travel Kit, Ultimate Shopper PPE Kit and more! 



Giving away germ-free items is a terrific way to promote safety and security for your clients and staff. Contactless products are essential to have in order to prevent the spread of germs on high-traffic surfaces in daily life. EverythingPromo offers tailored wipes that will meet your demands, whether you're searching for items that keep your personal items clean or utility gadgets that help with activities like opening doors and pressing buttons. Since these items are simple to use and portable enough to be transported anywhere, your company's logo will be seen during dozens of daily usages. If you want something that will promote your company while still being useful and durable, add your logo to any of these personalized wipes.



When it comes to fundamental personal needs, cleanliness and safety are at the top of most people's lists. It's critical for brands to think about what they can do for their staff and customers to provide a safe, clean environment in light of the widespread concern for health and sanitation. Giving a little present that may be used frequently in daily life, like branded gloves, is one of the simplest opportunities. Fortunately, EverythingPromo offers a variety of no-contact promotional gloves that can help keep hands germ-free.


It's time to launch a new campaign promoting health and wellness. EverythingPromo is here to help you make sure your marketing efforts are accomplished


These giveaways are both distinctive and practical. Additionally, they provide a variety of customization possibilities so that you can proudly display your logo. If you're searching for something to help encourage cleanliness, get in touch with us right away to start personalizing protective gear and sanitizers.