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  • Mark Extender Mask Rope
  • Mark Extender Mask Rope
  • Mark Extender Mask Rope
Mark Extender Mask RopeMark Extender Mask RopeMark Extender Mask Rope

Mark Extender Mask Rope

Product Code: EP-000413

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Super handy & convenient - rest your ears and breathe easy - keep your face protection clean and close by - don't risk getting your mask dirty or losing it by setting it down or shoving it in your pocket. Exactly what you need for essential employees - clip the small hooks to the elastic bands on your mask. Like a glasses retainer, just slip it over your head and wear like a necklace. Will work with your existing ear saver or headband. Keep your face mask securely around your neck when not in use - perfect for errands, a bite to eat, socially distanced conversation or a phone call. One size fits all & works with both disposable & reusable face masks - use with disposable mask or cotton fabric masks when grocery shopping, dining at restaurants. Hands free - discreet - lightweight.

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