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Stock Color 20-Stem Matchbooks

Stock Color 20-Stem Matchbooks

Product Code: EP-134896

From $0.05


Stock color 20-stem matchbook, black stem with white tips, 1 1/2" wide x 1 7/8" long approximate size folded. Here's the most cost-effective advertising medium ever invented! It's your functional business card that customers take home and keep. It's your repeat-business reminder. They are your customer's souvenir of choice for restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, resorts and many other hospitality and entertainment venues.

Quantity Unit Price Total
2,500 $0.07 $175
5,000 $0.06 $300
10,000 $0.06 $600
25,000 $0.06 $1,500
50,000 $0.05 $2,500
100,000 $0.05 $5,000
1 $0.05 $0.05

The single unit price is for plain stock and only charged if the item is not available as a free sample. Delivery charges apply (please see the delivery tab).

Specification & additional info

6011-Assorted Colors-w/Black Ink, 6012-Assorted Neon-w/Black Ink, 6013-Black-w/Assorted Ink (red,blue,yellow, green, white), 6014-Black-w/Assorted Neon Ink (red,orange, yellow,green), 6021-White-w/Black Ink, 6022-White-w/Blue Ink, 6023-White-w/Red Ink, 6024-White-w/Green Ink, 6026-White-w/Purple Ink, 6031-Yellow-w/Black Ink, 6033-Yellow-w/Red Ink, 6043-Beige-w/Brown Ink, 6045-Brown-w/Beige Ink, 6051-Red-w/Black Ink, 6052-Gray-w/Burgundy Ink, 6054-Burgundy-w/Gray Ink, 6064-White-w/Red & Blue Ink, 6065-White-w/Red & Black Ink, 6081-Gold INK -w/Black Ink, 6082-Silver INK -w/Black Ink, 6083-Black-w/Gold INK, 6084- Black-w/Silver INK, 6090-Purple-w/White Ink, 6091- Black-w/White Ink, 6092- Blue-w/White Ink, 6093- Red-w/White Ink, 6094- Green-w/White Ink, 6095- Black-w/Yellow Ink, 6096 - Red-w/Yellow Ink, 6097 - Black-w/Red Ink

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