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  • Yoga Stretch Strap
  • Yoga Stretch Strap
  • Yoga Stretch Strap
  • Yoga Stretch Strap
  • Yoga Stretch Strap
Yoga Stretch StrapYoga Stretch StrapYoga Stretch Strap

Yoga Stretch Strap

Product Code: EP-095634

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This product is as soft as it is durable. Comfortable to hold and soft enough to have on bare skin, will help improve the future of you around the world by providing them with basic needs, education, and more. can be used in every yoga class, as well as in other practices, such as physical therapy. Our strap provides length in your forward folds, compression in your long holds, and the support you need to go upside down. Yoga straps help you "bridge the gap" when stretching or holding yoga poses. If you can't touch your feet simply use the straps to aid the stretch and help you progress toward touching your feet. Customized logo and designs are welcome

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500 $4.29 $2,145
2,000 $4.08 $8,160
3,000 $3.87 $11,610
5,000 $3.66 $18,300
10,000 $3.30 $33,000
1 $3.30 $3.30

The single unit price is for plain stock and only charged if the item is not available as a free sample. Delivery charges apply (please see the delivery tab).

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Purple, Blue, Pink, Green, Black, Orange, military green, light purple, sky blue

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